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Day #130: Dust Bunny Blues

The Story:

Creative Uses for Dust Bunnies: 

1.            Knit together for a unique winter scarf. Dye it fun colors!

2.            Grab your camcorder and record as these little darlins tumble across your floors. To add some flair, place toy figurines of cowboys, horses, and other western themed toys. Play on a loop during your next child’s birthday party for a great Spaghetti Western theme.

3.            Gather up all dust bunnies over a period of several months in the late winter. In a solution of one parts water two parts bleach, soak dust bunnies until bleached white. Wring any extra moisture from dust bunnies and while still damp, form into a large bunny shaped dust bunny. Let set overnight. Tie a festive ribbon around the neck and you have a lovely centerpiece just in time for Easter!

4.            Does heat leak out from under old doors or windows in the winter? Not anymore! Just stuff those drafty doors and windows and you’ll stay warm all season!

5.            For beautiful Christmas ornaments, dye your dust bunnies in several festive shades and shape them into tightly packed balls. With a needle and fishing line, loop through the top of the dust bunny ball to make a hanger. For a different look, dip the dust bunny ball in Modge Podge and then roll in glitter. Great craft activity for kids!

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The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Before I go into the details behind the story above, let me preface by saying I really really really hate housework. I mean hate it. Especially dusting. You would think, if you were to go by any of those commercials or old movies, that dusting was an activity that women enjoyed. There they were, in their tailored blouses with their Peter Pan collars, their A-line skirts perfectly pressed, up on tippy-toe in their sensible yet feminine heels gaily dusting what already appeared to be a pristine countertop or bookshelf with their immaculate feather duster. Yeah, either I’m doing it wrong (likely) or those advertisements/movies were the creation of a man (more likely).

Pep this...

So today, I decided it was high time I gave my bedroom a thorough cleaning- which primarily meant cleaning off the layer of dust that had settled on everything in there. Seriously, where does this crap come from (and no, I don’t really want to know)? It was everywhere, and in massive quantities. After what seemed like half a day of dusting my dresser, baseboards, cedar chest and window sills, I decided to tackle the space under my bed. Holy cow, it looked like something from a Sci-Fi movie under there. Everything was covered in grey gobblygook. Gross. For a second I wondered, what if I could just gather these things up and turn them into something useful, like a really itchy scarf or something? Man, I really entertain myself sometimes. Shaking my head at my momentary silliness, I hefted my Dust Buster high above my head and vowed these dust bunnies had finally met their match. Hours later (ok, it may have been less time, but who’s story is this?) the dust finally cleared and I emerged victorious. Those nasty critters didn’t have a chance. Of course I was sneezing and blowing grey stuff outta my nose for the rest of the day, but I consider it a small price to pay to finally be rid of the monsters living under my bed- dust bunnies.

Love & Squirrels.