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Day #231: Topsey Turvey

The Story:

“Hey Nick, you awake?” Timmy peered over at his longtime friend.

“Course I’m awake, you think I can sleep under these conditions?” Nick tried to shift the load slung over his right shoulder with little effect.

“No need to get grouchy with me, just looking for a little conversation, that’s all,” Timmy huffed a little hurt by Nick’s curt reply.  The two of them had been friends for years, through thick and thin they always ended up back together.

“Sorry Timmy, you know I don’t mean anything by it. I’m just so dern uncomfortable… feels like I’ve been standing for eons, my boots are practically welded onto my feet,” Nick said with a softened tone. He hadn’t intended to snap at Timmy, he was just so tired. It had been the same thing, day in and day out, for as long as he could remember. He felt trapped, stuck in time with no way out. It was a miserable existence, yet he forced a cheery smile every day, mostly for Timmy’s benefit. Timmy had it no better, forced to live in that seat, never able to get up, move around or stretch his little legs. The thought began to choke Nick up so he quickly changed the subject, “Hey Timmy, wanna play topsey turvey? I bet I can beat ya today”.

It appeared that Timmy’s smile grew the slightest bit brighter before he replied, “You’re on old man. I’m feeling lucky today”.

“Oh! Well then, we’ll just have to see about that!” Nick replied good-naturedly, “What’s your guess for today, then?”.

“I’m gonna say less than two hours, so let’s go with one hour, 37 minutes from now,” Timmy replied with zeal.

“That’s a pretty specific time, my boy, but alright have it your way. As for me, I think it’ll be a little longer than that, so I’m going to go over,” Nick said matter-of-factly.

And then they waited- as their game of ‘topsey turvey’ prescribed. Finally, around an hour and a half later they had a live one. “What did I tell you! It’s the little one, he always comes through. You’re his favorite, Nick so you better get ready!” Timmy almost squealed in excitement, there was little Timmy loved more than winning a game of topsey turvey.

“Well, you won this round Timmy but don’t let it go to your—“ just as Nick was finishing his sentence, he felt the odd yet familiar sense of weightlessness just before he was pitched upside down and engulfed in deluge of- glitter.

Nick before, during and after a round of Topsey Turvey


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Another Christmas crafting day, HOORAY! So I’ve been seeing all these DIY snow globe tutorials online (ok, on Pinterest) and I decided I simply must try to make a few of my own. Having already gathered the supplies, some glass jars (I just used an old spaghetti sauce jar and mason jar I had laying around), hot glue gun, figurines (best not to use metal as they will rust), glitter, distilled water and glycerin (this allows the glitter to float a little longer). After a few trial runs, I hot glued my figurines to the underside of the jar lids, poured water into the jars, added the glitter and glycerin and secured the lids. Finished them off with some festive ribbon and badda bing, badda boom, homemade snow globes! They are super charming, if I say so myself and really easy to make… might just have to make a few more of these lovelies before the end of the holidays.

Timmy & Nick. (aka residents of my new snow globes)

Love & Squirrels.



Day #230: The 10 Commandments of Crafting

The Story:

The 10 Commandments of Crafting

  1. It will take approximately 2 hours longer than the tutorial says it will.
  2. You WILL burn something with the hot glue gun… have ice handy.
  3. You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again, GLITTER IS THE HERPES OF CRAFTING SUPPLIES.
  4. There will always be someone in the room who thinks they can do it better.
  5. It will rarely come out looking like the picture.
  6. If something turns out wrong; don’t worry, instead confidently say, “It’s supposed to look that way”.
  7. Finding paint on elbows or under nails days later is a sign you’re doing it right.
  8. Having a glass of wine handy is certain to improve your efforts.
  9. You will run out, or discover you are missing, one key supply seconds after you need it.
  10. Clean-up is always better left for another day (or person).


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Well, I tried my hand at a Christmas craft today with mixed results. The idea was to take these cute little star fish acquired from my local Hobby Lobby and make them into a festive garland to hang above my kitchen sink.

What probably should have taken two hours tops, probably ended up taking me almost four (I’m a perfectionist and a procrastinator which makes for a very interesting combination). After spray painting my stars metallic silver, I then painted the backs white thinking I might alternate the colors. I didn’t like the white. So then, I decided to paint some of them with glow in the dark paint and sprinkle a bit ‘o glitter all over them.

Silver & sparkley

Liking the results, I then scoured my craft room for some twine or ribbon I could use to hang them. Then came the tricky part- securing the suckers to the twine. I eventually decided to hot glue them on, and after three burnt fingers, arms and torso wrapped in hot glue wispies aka the spider webs of craftiness, I had them all just as I wanted on the twine. Now to hang my beautiful garland… crap, I forgot about gravity. Seems that Newton’s homeboy didn’t figure into my plans and some of my starfish were glued too low so they are top-heavy and flip upside-down to show their unflattering behinds… how embarrassing. Oh well, I am too pooped to figure out how to solve that problem tonight, I’m sure I’ll come up with something by tomorrow, but the experience definitely taught me a few things about being all crafty and stuff. Like don’t touch the hot glue with your bare fingers and if you don’t have a plan before you start, don’t expect the results to be perfect.

Promise when I figure out how to hang them so they all are straight I'll post a decent picture, deal?

Love & Squirrels.

Day #130: Dust Bunny Blues

The Story:

Creative Uses for Dust Bunnies: 

1.            Knit together for a unique winter scarf. Dye it fun colors!

2.            Grab your camcorder and record as these little darlins tumble across your floors. To add some flair, place toy figurines of cowboys, horses, and other western themed toys. Play on a loop during your next child’s birthday party for a great Spaghetti Western theme.

3.            Gather up all dust bunnies over a period of several months in the late winter. In a solution of one parts water two parts bleach, soak dust bunnies until bleached white. Wring any extra moisture from dust bunnies and while still damp, form into a large bunny shaped dust bunny. Let set overnight. Tie a festive ribbon around the neck and you have a lovely centerpiece just in time for Easter!

4.            Does heat leak out from under old doors or windows in the winter? Not anymore! Just stuff those drafty doors and windows and you’ll stay warm all season!

5.            For beautiful Christmas ornaments, dye your dust bunnies in several festive shades and shape them into tightly packed balls. With a needle and fishing line, loop through the top of the dust bunny ball to make a hanger. For a different look, dip the dust bunny ball in Modge Podge and then roll in glitter. Great craft activity for kids!

For more great crafting ideas, check out this month’s Crafting with Crud on newsstands and in major retailers now.


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Before I go into the details behind the story above, let me preface by saying I really really really hate housework. I mean hate it. Especially dusting. You would think, if you were to go by any of those commercials or old movies, that dusting was an activity that women enjoyed. There they were, in their tailored blouses with their Peter Pan collars, their A-line skirts perfectly pressed, up on tippy-toe in their sensible yet feminine heels gaily dusting what already appeared to be a pristine countertop or bookshelf with their immaculate feather duster. Yeah, either I’m doing it wrong (likely) or those advertisements/movies were the creation of a man (more likely).

Pep this...

So today, I decided it was high time I gave my bedroom a thorough cleaning- which primarily meant cleaning off the layer of dust that had settled on everything in there. Seriously, where does this crap come from (and no, I don’t really want to know)? It was everywhere, and in massive quantities. After what seemed like half a day of dusting my dresser, baseboards, cedar chest and window sills, I decided to tackle the space under my bed. Holy cow, it looked like something from a Sci-Fi movie under there. Everything was covered in grey gobblygook. Gross. For a second I wondered, what if I could just gather these things up and turn them into something useful, like a really itchy scarf or something? Man, I really entertain myself sometimes. Shaking my head at my momentary silliness, I hefted my Dust Buster high above my head and vowed these dust bunnies had finally met their match. Hours later (ok, it may have been less time, but who’s story is this?) the dust finally cleared and I emerged victorious. Those nasty critters didn’t have a chance. Of course I was sneezing and blowing grey stuff outta my nose for the rest of the day, but I consider it a small price to pay to finally be rid of the monsters living under my bed- dust bunnies.

Love & Squirrels.