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Day #338: Beware of Kiddy

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This is a fun one, enjoy! 🙂

Guess What I Did Today?

The Story:

Gather round ye imps and snotty-nosed wastrels, I have a tale that must be heard.  Tis the tale of that scurvy lass, the witch of the waters, the siren of the seven seas, a temptress and marauder the likes of which no man had ever seen before and will ever see again. Filled with hate was her heart, her veins, if tapped, would spill ice water. Cruel and desperately intelligent, she could convince ye to hand over yer life’s savings and kiss her boots for her trouble. She’d just as soon make love to ye as carve you up to feed to her mongrel dog, Gigi. But a beauty she was, nonetheless- she could make a man fall in love with a wink of her sapphire eyes and even the lowest cutthroat could be lulled to submission by the sway of her hips. Her hair, like a raven’s…

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Day #350: As You Wish (but not really)

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Came upon this gem this morning and thought it appropriate for today.

Having to fulfill my civic duty yesterday in the form of a jury summons, I returned to the office this bright and shiny Tuesday morning to an onslaught of emails, questions and papers jammed under my door.

So, while I was not ‘out sick’, returning post-absence of any kind seems to bring about the same results- a whole lotta catch up. 🙂

Guess What I Did Today?

The Story:

Returning to Work After Being Sick…
As Told Through Pictures of Westley from The Princess Bride


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:     As I drove into work today after being out since Friday afternoon, I was actually looking forward to getting back and was pretty chipper upon arriving at my office. Fast forward through the day and about 100 emails later, 40 students asking all kinds of bizzaro questions and a number of other obligations and by mid-afternoon I was spent. Still not feeling 100%, the day took a toll on yours truly and sometimes I need to use pictures to express myself- enter Westley from one of my favorite movies, The Princess Bride. I think he handled the retelling of my day quite nicely, don’t you?

Love & Squirrels.

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