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Day #359: Undercut

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The Story:

“OK guys, the challenge this week was to create an original villain with a flaw. Each of you drew a different flaw and incorporated it somehow into the overall story behind your villain. You were given 48 hours to brainstorm and create storyboards to present to our panel of judges. The winner of today’s challenge will gain immunity from tomorrow’s elimination round. We’ve heard from Jacob who created ‘Beefcake’ who suffered from morbid obesity before getting in shape in order to eliminate every carbohydrate from the world. Next up, is Duncan who drew the flaw ‘tiny’. Duncan, please step forward and present your villain,” Starla Gwinn stepped back into the shadows on the side of the stage and out of the heat of the spotlight.

Beefcake will not rest until these sick freaks are brought to justice... or a compost pile.


“Um…okay, so my villain’s flaw was that he was tiny, or really really small,” the bundle of nervous and awkward energy in the suspenders and cabbie hat began as his storyboards were brought up on the enormous screen behind him. “So I decided to make him a fallen fairy of sorts. He never quite got the hang of flying and refused to grant wishes or collect teeth or wear the uniform (tutu’s weren’t his thing apparently) so he was kicked out of the fairy kingdom. Swearing revenge, the fairy reject decided to lash out at the one thing he knew fairies loved more than anything else- human children. Vowing to make every child who crossed his path miserable he set off on his quest with hate in his heart and a plan in his mind. He would cut up these children, savagely tear at their flesh and scar their faces. Perhaps then, his clueless fairy brethren would see them for what they were- little monsters,” Duncan glanced up at the faces of the judges and tried not to read into their confused expressions. He plunged on.

Save it junior, I know what you really are... and it sickens me.

“So the fallen fairy sneaks into the rooms of sleeping children all over the world, and with his tiny knife stabs and slashes at their faces and quickly moves on to his next victim before his gory work is discovered by meddling parents. For weeks he’s at it, figuring at least 10,000 children have fallen under his knife. He begins to listen for talk of his work among the humans but is mystified that no one seems to be mentioning it. Eventually, curiosity getting the better of him, he sneaks back to one of the first houses he hit to see for himself how his work has ruined the child’s life. He is devastated to see that nary a scratch can be found on the boy. His face as cherubic and unmarked as it was weeks ago- before succumbing to the fairy’s vicious attack. How could this be? thought the fairy. Shaking off what he had seen as a fluke, a trick of light or freak of nature the fallen fairy went to visit another of his victims, and then another and another- they were all as the first, completely whole and not at all the bloody mess he had hoped. Finally, unable or unwilling to accept that his best attempts at mayhem and violence have failed, he visits his most recent victim whom he cut to pieces only eight hours prior. Arriving at the house, the fairy suppresses an involuntary gag as he flutters over the white picket fence and perfectly tended window boxes of pansies. Arriving at the window directly beyond the family dining room, the fairy peers in and sees the family of four gathered at the table and sharing a meal. The boy is facing away from the fairy so he cannot get a look at any of his handiwork. He watches intently as the mother leans over to serve the boy some tater tots and holds his breath and watches her expression. Surely she sees the severe wounds that must be oozing and scabbing even now. Sure enough, the mother’s eyes grow wide as she looks at her son’s face and almost drops the bowl of tots. Setting the bowl down, she creases her brow and leans even closer to her youngest brat. The fairy can barely contain his excitement- finally, his work is getting the attention it deserves!

What is that on your face, Drew? Is that… is that blood? And look, there’s another scratch on the bridge of your nose… hmm, that’s funny.

The fairy can’t believe what he hears. Funny? Her son being cut up from ear to ear is funny? That is when the little boy gets up from the table, and turning to face the glass of the window attempts to inspect the ‘scratch’ his mother saw. Face to face with the boy (who cannot see him in the shadows) the fairy is horrified to see that for all of his efforts, his slashing and gouging, his cutting and piercing, the only marks on the kid are a few ‘pinpricks’ of crusted-over blood,” Duncan pulls in a long breath. It feels like the first he’s taken in several minutes.

“Okay… um, thank you Duncan,” Starla said, suddenly she was by his side in the center of the stage. “That was fascinating. Judges, do you have any questions for Duncan on his ‘tiny fairy’ villain concept?” she continued, regaining some of her composure. Duncan scanned the judges’ table and was met with blank stares- and a few gaping mouths. “Well, looks like you left them speechless!” Starla quickly injected before guiding Duncan from the stage.

Duncan did not win that night. In fact, he was voted off the second-rate reality show the following evening. Five years later, however, he became the renowned fantasy author who many heralded as the next ‘J.K. Rowling’. And is fallen fairy? He went on to star in a trilogy of wildly successful movies that made him the second most recognizable image in the world- only Mickey Mouse outranked him.


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Today I noticed several small cuts on my face and one on the inside of my ear. Peering closer, I saw they weren’t really any bigger than minor paper cuts and that thought struck me as funny. I immediately imagined this little elf creeping in at night and slicing me up good while I slept with dozens of little paper cuts. I think I need to get more sleep…

Love & Squirrels.


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  1. did I ever tell you you have one hell of an imagination. If not you do


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