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Day #337: Cassandra’s Complex

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The Story:

“I knew this would happen. No one would believe me, but I told all of you what would happen today and sure enough…” Monica folder her arms and looked around the room at her family- none of whom seemed to be paying her any attention.

“Fine. If you won’t listen to me then you all have yourselves to blame for these sorts of things. My next prediction, in case any of you are even slightly interested, is that something precious to one of you will be destroyed. An epic search will then ensue for a replacement but to no avail. You will travel the earth looking, compelled by some unknown force that drives you on until you have lost everything. You could save yourself the trouble if just one of you would listen to me and head my warning,” Monica scanned the room for a flicker of interest and found none. Her father, step-mother and younger brat of a brother hadn’t even bothered to look in her direction and instead were held captive by one of their God-awful reality TV shows.

“OK, suit yourself… I’m going back to the dorms… not that any of you care,” Monica turned to leave the room and just as she reached the kitchen heard her father call her name. Rushing back in the room, hoping he had sobered up enough to recognize his fate could be altered if he would just listen to her, Monica stopped beside his Lazy Boy recliner and waited for him to continue. “What is it, dad?” she asked hesitantly.

“Grab me another cold one will ya sweetie?” he answered gruffly before settling back into his chair and returning his left hand to the interior of his sweatpants’ waistband.

“Sure, dad,” she replied, crestfallen.

That was the last time Monica ever spoke to a member of her family. Word did reach her of their fate, some years after she left college and apparently, as she knew it would, her prediction had come to pass. Ricki, her step-mother had somehow broken her favorite pair of limited-edition designer sunglasses. This caused her to suffer a nervous collapse and sent her into a semi-catatonic state. Desperate to revive his wife, Monica’s father set out to find a replacement pair of the sunglasses, believing their return would snap her back to her old self. Yanking Cody, his youngest, out of school, he then set out on his quest for the glasses… no one would ever hear from them again. Eventually, Ricki slipped from a semi-catatonic state to a complete catatonic state and is now a ward of the state in a facility to the north.


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      I’ve been on a quest… for sunglasses. I have the bad luck of always breaking a pair that I grow extremely attached to, and of course since I usually find them at some random Walgreens there is a very small chance I will ever find a second identical pair. Tonight, tagging along with Andy who needed some pictures printed, I scoured the Walgreens- again coming up empty handed. Andy even let me go to a second Walgreens but again… nada. Looks like the epic search continues…

TWO:    Tonight’s epic search was to the soundtrack of a band called, Cassandra’s Complex. First off, awesome name. Second, they are a pretty rad band. Third, the name actually is a phenomenon referring back to the Greek myth’s/history and more specifically the daughter of Priam, Cassandra who predicted the fall of her father’s kingdom. The term basically refers to a situation in which an accurate prediction is made but not believed. Cool stuff.

"Why won't anyone listen to me?"

Love & Squirrels.




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