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Day #330: Computer Twitch

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The Story:

“I’m sorry Donald, you’re going to have to turn it off for a while… at least until we see signs of improvement,” Dr. Mallory delivered the bad news the best way he knew how- quick and to the point. He hated to dash a young man’s hopes like this, but dammit, it was his job, his duty as a medical professional.

Donald closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the heavily-starched pillows. He had guessed this would be the news when the doctor entered his room. Normally cheerful and ready with a smile, Dr. Mallory had walked in today with a stoic demeanor, his mouth a dour line. “I brought this on myself,” he thought to himself, sourly.  He opened his eyes when he realized the good doctor was still standing in his doorway, shifting his weight patiently as if he had all the time in the world and not fifty other patients in need of his attention.

“So, Donald,” the doctor said as he approached the bed and pulled something from his pocket, “you’re going to need to wear this for a few weeks. You can take it off once ever other hour but any more than that you’re going to wind up right back here, in this bed, understand?” Satisfied with his patient’s consent, Dr. Mallory handed Donald the blindfold, watched as he put it on and the walked out of the room.

Donald sat in complete darkness. It was soothing in a way but he had a feeling being without his sight would get old very fast. Deciding he may as well take advantage, Donald leaned back and pulled up the thin scratchy blanket and settled in for a nap. “All this because of a stupid little twitch,” he thought to himself, his right lower eyelid pulsated erratically as if it knew he was thinking about it. The computer the doctor had removed from his room a few minutes ago called to him, his fingers itched to hammer away on its keyboard. Being ‘disconnected’ like this just might be worse than the blindfold.

Wondering what he would do if the prognosis determined he’d have to stay off his computer indefinitely, Donald tried not to panic and thought without much humor, “Well, maybe I’ll take up gardening…”


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      I have a twitch. I recently developed it and I don’t think anyone has noticed but it sure does feel like a major inconvenience when I’m trying to have a serious conversation and my right eyelid is hopping around like a Mexican jumping bean. It’s been several weeks and I’m fairly certain it’s cause has something to do with one or all of the following: 1) I work for 8-9 hours Monday – Friday in front of two, count em TWO large computer screens. 2) After work I come home and either watch a few shows on Hulu (on a computer screen) or spend a few hours cross-stitching (my new obsession). 3) I’m stressed and I’ve developed a tick because of it (FYI, I’m always stressed about something… I’m one of those people that may appear to be relatively laid back but internally I’m worrying about 18 different things at any given time. 4) After working in front of a computer all day, watching several hours of TV via internet I then hunker down to write- on my computer. Are we seeing a reoccurring theme here, class? Sigh… so I’m gonna ‘unplug’ now, and hope the glaring display lights of computer screens don’t follow me into my dreams.

Love & Squirrels.


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  1. chill!!!!life is way to short for you to be so stressed


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