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Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

Day #303: A Star is Born

The Story:

I didn’t expect to see you up there, larger than life on the ‘big screen’. But there you were, in all your beauty and grace for the world to see. In that moment I forgot my anger, my hurt, my feelings of abandonment. You left without saying goodbye, I think that’s what hurt the most, the shock of not having a last word. I understand now, seeing you up there, you had a calling and needed to go.

Watching you shine and twirl so lithely it’s hard to imagine you came from such humble beginnings. You’re a star, a true star now and I couldn’t be prouder. To think I had even the slightest impact, the smallest influence on your life all that time ago… that is enough. For so long you were my ‘star’, my sole obsession, I thought to share you would be to lose you… but I was wrong. Now you are out there, in the world, for everyone to adore and cherish.

So shine on, my beautiful star, I know now that while I can never have you to myself again… I can see you whenever I need a sweet reminder of our time together. Your light will forever shine.


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Just got back from my first screening of a film Andy helped create (Art Supervisor credit!) and it was quite an experience. The feature, called My Fair Lidy is a take on My Fair Lady with a drag queen spin complete with homage to the peerless Marlene Dietrich. Anywho, since Andy was pretty much responsible for designing and decorating the sets of the film, a lot of my stuff- clothes, furniture, decorations, etc. made cameos. While most of the ‘borrowed’ items were returned safely to my possession, a few things did not make it back. One such item was a paper lantern, shaped like a star. It was very lovely, a gift from Europe actually and I was pretty bummed when it did not find its way home. And then- low and behold what do I see up on the screen tonight, with its own several second close up? My star!!! There it was, twirling and dancing around the screen during a pivotal and artistic transition of the film. I almost shed a sentimental tear for my star but then some drag queen said something funny and I forgot all about it. C’est la vie.

Love & Squirrels.