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Day #296: Do the Voice

The Story:

“This one is my ‘school voice’: Present! Yeah, I don’t say much at school…”

“This is my ‘bowling voice’: Strikes away, me hearties! I like to believe I’m a pirate when I bowl.

“I call this my ‘flirty voice’: Hey baaybee… You gotta kinda singsong it in a lower octave than your usual voice.”

“When I don’t feel like doing something, I use my I don’t wanna’ voice, it sounds a little something like this: But whhhhyy??? But I don’t wanna!!!”

“And finally, one of my favorites, the ‘drive-thru’ voice: Yes, can I please have a taco grande?”

Cody sat back with a satisfied grin and waited for his friend, Justin to respond.

Looking at his friend, trying to remember why they were friends in the first place when Cody pulled this crap, Justin sighed loudly and finally replied, “Dude, just record your outgoing message so we can go to the arcade already. All your voices sound exactly the same!”


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Have you ever hung out with someone who’s voice changes slightly, depending on who they are talking to or maybe what they are talking about? I think we all do it to some degree, I’m guilty of it and today I was reminded that Andy was too. As we are chatting on the phone while he’s in the drive thru, he goes to order and he immediately whips out his ‘drive thru voice’. Every syllable is heavily articulated, every statement becomes a question and his voice goes up at the end of every sentence. I could help but giggle on the other end of the line as I listened.

TWO:    So, I guess I’m going bowling tonight… ugh. Probably one of my least favorite things to do because a) I suck at it, b) because I am forced to socialize, usually with people I don’t know and c) it hurts my dainty wrist. I thought about using my ‘I don’t wanna’ voice, but, instead, I’m sucking it up and going to help Andy network with some fellow film peeps… maybe I’ll luck out and there will be a Jurassic Park III in the arcade. I rule at that.

Actually, I hate that second part too... dang it.

Love & Squirrels.


About samshine20

Writing a fictious story based on my day's events... every day. Apparently this is how I celebrate turning 30. That's me! ...just a girl with dream. And a blog.

2 responses »

  1. LOL, sometimes voices change if people are not being truthful, that is funny though – drive thru voice!

  2. bowling can be fun just your bowling voice,very deep, striiiike


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