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Day #277: Invasion of the Warm-Bloods

The Story:

“Well, I don’t know what the hub bub is all about; I don’t see anything so special about them…” Howard said sulkily.

“That’s because you still have your head in your shell, Howie,” Zap said, shaking his head at his friend who admittedly was a little ‘slow’. Peering through the glass of his aquarium to where the small crowd had gather, Zap couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy. This was Repticon after all, it was supposed to be their show, but somehow those ‘warm-bloods’ had found a way in and were now stealing the show. Zap could feel his body temperature rising with anger and crawled to his rock to cool off. It wasn’t fair.

“Makesssssssss me sssssssick,” came a husky hiss from above. Zap looked up to see Yoda the ball python in the tank set atop of his own peering across the aisle towards the crowd. “Warm-bloodsss are only good for two thingsss in my book,” Yoda said haughtily as he wrapped himself tighter around the piece of driftwood in his tank, “Eating and crawling into if it’sss an essssspecially cold evening”.

Zap reflexively cringed at the thought of Yoda curled up comfortably inside the carcass of a newly-dead warm-blood and had to look away as Yoda began licking his chops at his own analogy. Snakes were so cold sometimes. Turning his attention back to the crowd, Zap wondered what it was that had the humans so fascinated with their own ‘kind’. All warm-bloods were the same in his book.

“Hey guys, what’s going on? What’s happening? Whatcha talkin bout? What’s going on over there? What are you guys looking at? Are playing a game?!? I wanna play! I wanna play!” Jimbo the ferret ran in circles around his cedar chip filled cage before slamming his face up against the glass, mimicking the three reptiles.

“Shut up, Jimbo!” Zap, Yoda and Howard all yelled at once. Stupid warm-blood.

“Look Justice, those weird things in the glass crates are staring at us again,” Aspen whispered to her wolfdog pack mate and nodded her head towards the booth across the aisle. “What do you think they are thinking?”

Justice took a timeout from the belly-rub he was receiving and glanced in the direction Aspen had indicated. Seeing the odd, hairless creatures peering at them from behind the glass he gave a shrug and laid back down, allowing the eager human to resume their tummy-rubbing. “They don’t think, Aspen. They’re cold-bloods, they are dumber than a chew toy… don’t taste very good either”.


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Today I found myself behind a table at the reptile show known locally as ‘Repticon’. Manning the table for the wolfdog sanctuary I volunteer for along with Andy, it was a little bizarre being surrounded by so many reptile lovers (and they are easy to spot). Talk about some great people watching, and ‘interesting’ characters (at one point a strange old man approached us with what looked like a plastic blueberry carton with dime-sized turtles and asked sneakily “wanna buy these turtles?” before shuffling off). The funny thing was, our table was perhaps one of the most popular, attracting small crowds and eager people wishing to meet our two pups, Aspen (non wolfdog) and Justice (mid-content wolfdog). I found the idea a little ironic that our table was so popular at something called ‘Repticon’ where you would think snakes, geckos and turtles would take center stage. Wonder if any of them were jealous?

At Repticon with Justice (Right), Aspen (Left) and Karen (Human)

Love & Squirrels.


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  1. sounds like a great time with all those cold bloods ugh!!!!


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