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Day #272: The Death of The Senator

The Story:

The air, laced with a hint of smoke tickles the nostrils,

And bore proof of your sad fate in each gust.

Statuesque, you stood a permanent fixture as the rest of us spun around you like ants.

To think that I will now outlive you- you who have looked down from your heights over so many generations, it seems improbable.

Natural disasters and those brought on by men, you survived them all- all but one.

Fire hollowed you out and brought you crashing down in the dawn.

Thousands of years and today, today was the day.

God speed, Senator- God speed.

Andy in front of "The Senator"


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      It’s a sad, sad day for Central Floridians and everyone, really. Today, one of the largest and oldest bald cypress trees in the world at over 3,500 years old and 125 feet tall (17 feet across) fondly known as ‘The Senator’ fell to the ground after catching fire overnight. While authorities do not believe it was arson, it’s crazy to think that something that’s been around longer than all of us is now- no more. Thankfully, Andy and I had the chance to visit ‘The Senator’ last year on one of our random adventures and it really was something that took your breath away. The sheer size of the thing is crazy; and if you stare too long at the top you were bound to get a crick in your neck. Fires are sprouting up all over the state thanks to especially dry conditions lately, and with the smell of fire and smoke hanging in the air each time I ventured outdoors I was reminded of The Big Tree.

WESH news report of ‘The Senator’ on fire

Love & Squirrels.




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