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Daily Archives: January 1, 2012

Day #257: What’s Clogging That Drain?

The Story:

Ok kids, it’s time to play…

“What’s Clogging That Drain!”


Could it be… a roll of quarters?

Could it be… a stash of Red Vines?

Could it be… a boa constrictor?

Could it be… a yo-yo?

Could it be… a piece of cheesecake?

Could it be… aluminum foil?

Could it be… the lost album of New Kids on the Block?

Could it be… a very small umbrella?

Could it be… a tube of deodorant?

Could it be… a stranded goldfish?

Could it be… a wad of cash?

Could it be… last night’s meal of Pad Thai?

Could it be… another drain?

Could it be… a month’s worth of curling gel?

Could it be… a cup of tea?

Could it be… bed sheets?

Could it be… a 2011 calendar?

Could it be… a broken zipper?

Could it be… a stuffed giraffe?

Could it be… time to stop playing this game and buy some Drain-O?


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Ah, homeownership… it’s for the birds, I say! Today we had the lovely pleasure of kicking off 2012 with two stopped-up drains, one in the guest bathtub, the other in the master shower. Somehow this also led to the flooding of the guest bath… still trying to figure that one out. Anywho, we got some industrial strength clog removing gel stuff… you know, the kind that if you touch your skin will burn off and if you get any in your eye you’re rendered immediately blind? Yeah, that stuff. Poured it in every drain we could find and let it work its magic, which by the looks of it seems to have solved the issue… So, guess we’ll see when I go to shower in the morning if in fact the mystery mondo-clog was washed down the drain or if it stuck around… to ruin another day. In the meantime, Andy and I had a good time taking guesses at what could be causing the problem and came up with a pretty ridiculous list (as you can see). Some of the things listed relate back to my day, like buying a bag of Red Vines, watching my mini-dachshund violate his stuffed giraffe (aka his girlfriend), having several cups of tea (as per my norm), desperately searching for a new curling gel since mine has been discontinued, and trying a new Thai place this evening for dinner. Yes, my life IS that fascinating, thanks for asking.

Oh, and in case you are a bit on the perverse side check out the link above for one of Andy’s videos which features Joey the mini-dachshund violating his girlfriend around the 2:18 mark… oh and this is mild so don’t be too scared. 🙂

Love & Squirrels.