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Day #250: Need Help with that Roast?

The Story:

“I swear it wasn’t me! I would never write such… horrendous and obviously false things about you, Celia I… wouldn’t!” Tamera stammered desperately as she backed away. This was not how this day was supposed to go. Tamera silently pleaded with the fates, hoping against hope that all of this was just some terrible nightmare and she would awaken any minute in her own bed. The sea of angry faces told her otherwise and… she ran.

Celia Stewart’s Cotillion was to be the event of the season in the small town of Dusky Rose, LA and all of her friends had worked tirelessly to make sure it was a magical evening. As her best friend, Tamera had lived and breathed for this day since the invitations were ordered and had even created a special presentation to honor Celia (at Celia’s prompting, of course). It was to be a PowerPoint presentation highlighting some of Celia’s proudest moments and achievements, and there were many for the 16-year-old, capped off with testimonials from Celia’s family and closest friends.

So when some of the juiciest gossip and most embarrassing secrets regarding a Miss Celia Stewart appeared in graceful script across the screen as picturesque images of the guest of honor swirled in the backdrop, everyone’s eyes immediately sought Tamera out. Knowing before anyone what had happened, Tamera had already started slowly backing out of the hall.

Jumping in her car, Tamera squealed out of the parking lot and sped off down the road. Half an hour later, when the adrenaline of the moment had worn off, Tamera pulled to the side of the road and turned off the engine and, screamed. “My life might as well be over”, she thought with no small amount of dramatics.

Closing her eyes and leaning back into the seat, Tamera went back through the events of the previous night. It had been her birthday, not that anyone cared what with it being the eve of Celia’s Cotillion and all. Well, no, that wasn’t exactly right; one person had cared. He had even given her a gift, a great gift. Ever since Tamera could remember she had wanted to be a writer. “I’m going to write the great American novel of my time,” she had said countless times since the age of six and three quarters. No one had put much stock in Tamera, or her hopes of being a great writer, no one except her daddy. And last night, on her sixteenth birthday that everyone else seemed to have forgotten, her father had given her one of the best gifts she could have imagined. It was computer software that could take her words as she spoke them, and type them out onto her laptop, with proper spelling and all. Wasting no time, Tamera set up the program on her computer and began giving in a test drive.

She must have left Celia’s PowerPoint up. She must have somehow replaced the original text with what she had said to try out the new software. And, well she didn’t have to guess what the subject matter had been for that test run, that had been displayed for everyone to see quite clearly. She had been so upset, so hurt that no one remembered her birthday and she had thought a good venting session would help improve her mood. She had been right, she felt immediately better after telling the new writing software all of Celia’s dirty laundry (and boy, was there heaps of the stuff!) but it had grown late, and in her rush to get to bed she had somehow ruined her life.

Now, her only option was to pack everything up and become a hobo or a park ranger somewhere. Just as she was getting used to the idea of chewing on bark for sustenance, which she imagined all park rangers were at some point forced to do, a tap on the glass snapped her back to reality.

“Tamera? Tamera open up,” her dad said gently as he rapped his knuckles on the driver’s side window. Wincing, as if in pain, Tamera rolled her window down and prepared to be berated by her father. “Honey, what happened? Why’d you take off like that?”

Confused by his tactic (why was he being so nice?) Tamera just stared back at him wide-eyed.

“You had everyone in stitches with that roast you put together for Celia. We were all doubled over in laughter for almost fifteen minutes before we realized you had left. Celia thought it was the funniest thing she had ever heard!” her dad said before succumbing to a fit of laughter as he was obviously reliving a moment of the presentation.

“You mean… people thought it was funny?” Tamera couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Of course! Sweetie, I gotta tell you, I know I’ve said it before but you really have a talent. Now stop acting like a goofball and get your bee-hind back to that hall!” her dad smiled before heading back to his car which was pulled up behind her own.

Come on... everyone loves a good roast!


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:


TWO:    Well, after quite the event-filled holiday, I found inspiration in a multitude of places. Sadly, I only had the energy to write about a few, one of which was one of the Christmas presents from my very own dear ol dad and stepmom. I’m anxious to try it out (as I believe it could very well revolutionize my writing process, or at the very least save me some time), software that I basically just have to speak into a microphone and it will write whatever I say. Pretty cool, eh? Don’t be jealous.

THREE:  After arriving home from a fun and interesting Christmas dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house, Andy and I were treated to a viewing of the hit film, The Help. What they say about this movie is true, it’s absolutely one of the best movies you will ever experience. I took a lot of ideas for tonight’s story from that moving film.

Love & Squirrels.


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  1. moving film what the!!!!!

  2. I’ve plowed through several blogs this evening hoping to find at least one that was creatively designed and a genuine pleasure to read. Finally I stumbled upon this, and found exactly what I was looking for…and more. ‘Twas a genuine pleasure to read. Thanks! 😉


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