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Day #249: Timeshare Bear

The Story:

“You mean we have to share it?” Christina looked up in disbelief and stared at the attorney.

“Your aunts’ will was very clear in this matter. Each of you are to share the bear for a period of four months out of the year, at which time someone from our office will arrive to deliver it to the next recipient,” Douglas Ferbert, Esq. replied distractedly as he shuffled through a stack of papers on the corner of his expansive desk.

Christina mulled this over for a minute, a knot of disgust growing her stomach. She hadn’t spoken to her two brothers in more than twenty years, and now they would be forced back into her life. It wasn’t fair. It had been Christina who had cared for her aunt when she was sick. It had been Christina who had made her comfortable in her final days. It had been Christina who had seen to the details of the funeral and the burial of her beloved aunt. Her callous and selfish brothers hadn’t even bothered to show up for the service. Now, sitting in the over-decorated attorney’s office, Christina felt acutely betrayed by the woman she had dedicated much of her life. How could she do this to her?

“We’ll have the item sent to your residence in the next few days,” the attorney was saying as Christina exited his office still in a daze. The “item” in question was something very near and dear to Christina’s heart, and perversely coveted by both her brothers. Handcrafted by artisans in the mountains of Peru and in the family for four generations, it was rumored to have been at one time in the possession of an Incan princess. Once her aunt had acquired the bear, Christina was all but sure that when then pass to her upon her aunt’s passing. But in some bizarre twist of fate, her bear was now, for all intents and purposes, a timeshare bear.

“I would almost rather not have it at all, then to have to deal with those two miscreants,” she mumbled to herself as she climbed into her car. “If auntie thought this would somehow bring the family back together, she is gravely mistaken,” Christina gasped as the insensitive thought crossed her mind. Perhaps she was being too harsh on her brothers, they were family after all.


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      On the ride to lunch today with Andy, my Pops and Teresa , we drove past several figures carved from solid blocks of wood. From wheel barrows to black bears, the sculptures ranged from all different kinds of sizes and shapes. Noticing our curiosity, Teresa let known that they, along with several friends had once collectively purchased one of the wooden sculptures- a bear in fact. Since the artist only accepted cash, the group had to pool their money together in order to take the bear home, and when all was said and done they were still ten dollars short. Well, the guy was willing to part with the bear for the cash they had and from that point all of them had a share of this bear… it became the timeshare bear. Eventually the friend who took home the timeshare bear mailed the rest of the group the money they pitched in, removing any right of shared ownership. I liked the sound of ‘timeshare bear’ so I thought I’d write about it a bit (the ending blows, I know but it’s Christmas Eve dang it, and I’ve got to go to bed or Santa won’t come!).

Love & Squirrels.


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