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Day #213: Sneaky Duck Out

The Story:

How to play Sneaky Duck Out

OBJECT OF THE GAME: Abruptly leave during a presentation, meeting, or class without causing a disturbance while adhering to the following rules:

Different kind of sneaky duck...

  1. Departure must be subtle and creative. Points are given for creative exits & stealth; points will be taken away for the number of people disturbed by your leaving.
  2. If at any time, the presenter calls you out, asks where you are going, to return to your seat or any variation, you are bound to remain until the end of the presentation. At the conclusion of the presentation you must apologize to the presenter and end your apology with the following phrase, “I’m just a silly goose”.
  3. If the presenter stops what he/she is saying upon your attempt to depart, the appropriate response is, “Zoinks! How on earth did I get here? Coming Auntie Em!” and then quickly run out of the room.
  4. Each player must have a “Witness” present to record successful and failed escapes, as well as tally points.
  5. Each active player is paired against another player for each ‘experience’ (no more than one experience a week). The player with the highest points per experience wins. The month of December is Sneaky Duck Out Playoffs, players will be grouped regionally and then paired up each week. The winner will move on to the next round. Single eliminations, playoff game the last Monday of December.

Classic Sneaky Duck Out Techniques:

  1. Lean down to tie your shoe and ‘army roll’ towards the door.
  2. Volunteer to assist passing out handouts and when you work your way to the back of the room simply slip out the door.
  3. If the presenter is having technical difficulties with his presentation, volunteer to find someone from IT and never return.
  4. Bring a soda to class and when you go to throw the can away, grab the trash bag from the canister and leave under the guise of ‘taking out the trash’.
  5. Arrive early and take the seat in the front row. As people enter, offer your seat to them and work your way towards the back of the room. When the last person enters, offer your seat in the last row and after looking around, back out of the room.

For more information, or to join the Sneaky Duck Out Movement, log on to

Sneak on!


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Ever show up to a meeting, or a seminar etc. and it turns out to be less than thrilling and all you can do is daydream about the moment you will be able to escape? Maybe you’re super busy and your time could be better utilized elsewhere, or maybe the topic just isn’t all that relevant to your needs, or maybe you’re just sleepy. Count me down for all three this morning as I sat bleary-eyed, trying to pay attention to an ‘update’ meeting on topics, that for the most part, had nothing to do with my day-to-day. By the time an hour had crept by like a turtle on a gravel road, I was crawling out of my skin, desperate to get out of that stuffy room and away from the monotonous dronings of the presenter who looked as if he was even less pleased than me to be there.  I had to get out. So, as two of his coworkers, upon his cue, began passing out a handout, I made my move. Grabbing my handout I attempted to subtly excuse myself as I squeezed past three or four people in the middle row and dashed towards the back door. A small wave of guilt greeted me as the door clicked shut behind me, but it passed. I was free… to get back to work.

Love & Squirrels.


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Writing a fictious story based on my day's events... every day. Apparently this is how I celebrate turning 30. That's me! ...just a girl with dream. And a blog.

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