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Day #209: Bathed in Romance

The Story:

Adeline unclasped her hair from its loose chignon, and delicately rubbed her swanlike neck, “Oh how I despise these dreadfully dull shows of foppery. I contend that this Season may be even worse than the last,” she said to her maid Gilda, as the elderly woman dutifully removed the Lady’s gown of mint green chiffon, careful to avoid snagging any of the delicate seed pearls sewn into the bodice. Wrapping her mistress in her silk dressing gown, Adeline’s woman left the girl to brush out her crown of fiery-red curls while she drew her a hot bath. Lighting the last of the beeswax candles, the maid searched for and found her lady’s favorite bath salts and sprinkled them into the steaming water. The fragrant aroma of water lily soon filled the room and leading Adeline to the bath like she had thousands of times since Adeline was a precocious child of six. The fact that the picture of feminine beauty which stood gracefully before her had somehow developed in thirteen short years from the six-year old covered in bruises, scraped knees and unruly hair, still amazed the elderly woman. With that thought, Gilda deftly removed Adeline’s robe and, after dipping a dainty toe in the water, Adeline slowly sank into the soothing warmth of the tub. 

 The heat of the water quickly brought the roses into full-bloom on Adeline’s cheeks, making her porcelain skin appear even more doll-like. Closing her eyes and resting her head on the edge of the tub, Adeline let out a loud sigh of contentment. Unsurprisingly, her mind immediately wandered to the Marquis, and how frustratingly handsome he had looked tonight in his formal attire. What normally looked garish and overstated on most men, Deacon had somehow made the costume look effortlessly dashing and completely masculine. “Damn him,” she thought to herself, before allowing the thought of Deacon letting himself into her bathing chamber and, quiet as a mouse approach the tub from behind and- “Damn me too,” she quickly thought before her errant mind could sabotage her willpower any further. She had sworn to hate the man for what he had done to her family, and hate him she would- even if he were the most gorgeous man she had ever seen. Adeline quickly dunked her head and completely submerged herself below the water, as if to drown the thought of him out of her mind once and for all.

Something would have to be done about Marquis Deacon Vinquest, and soon.  


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      So I did two very girly things tonight that I haven’t done a long time- I took a hot bath AND started reading one of those trashy romance novels. Well, it’s not really trashy, it’s more historical (I don’t like any of the ones set in modern day, I like a little culture with my smut, thank you very much).  Anywho, the two events inspired me to try my hand a writing in the genre, and I must say, it’s kinda fun.

The book I'm currently reading... come on guys, I just like it for the articles, I swear.

TWO:    Unfortunately, my bath was not quite the romantic event it was in the story tonight. First off, I’ve been putting off ‘bathing’ in the tub for a few months now, ever since le boyfriend staked his claim on the guest bathroom (the only bathroom with a tub) and completely man-ized it. I’ve been waiting patiently, hoping that he might clean in there,  but tonight I couldn’t take it anymore…  I need a girly bath dammit! So, after half an hour of scouring soap scum and removing the ring around the porcelain, the tub was bath time ready… or as close as it was going to get (where’s my maid when I need her, heh heh…<<sad sigh>>). Too tired to fuss with candles or to hunt down my bubble bath, I unceremoniously plopped down into the water and tried to zone out. Instead, all I ended up doing was obsess over all the blubber I’ve packed on recently, made all the more apparent by the awkward position I was sitting in, not to mention the terribly callused underside of my feet, oh and yeah I’m immediately sweating like a pig cause I live in Florida and even a bath in November is like a sauna on the sun. So much for a relaxing bath. Oh well, a girl can dream… and read romance novels…

Love & Squirrels.


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