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Day #171: DONuT Mind if I Do

The Story:

“I can’t get over how good it was. You don’t understand Frankie, you weren’t there,” Charlotte said to her friend as she bit her lip absently, apparently still thinking about the experience.

“I guess I just don’t get what the big deal is, but ok,” Frankie replied apathetically. Charlotte was about to go off on one of her dramatic tangents and Frankie had a paper to write. Apparently that would have to wait as Charlotte grabbed her arm and began an impassioned ode to the donut she had just consumed.

“Frankie, it was wonderful. From the first moment I saw it, I knew that I needed to have it. There it was, sitting to all of its brother and sisters, but it clearly out shone them all. Perfectly round, it’s pink frosting like a jubilant smile on a rainy day. Its perfect peppering of sprinkles, like a fragmented rainbow resting on a soft pink pillow. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. It almost looked too good to eat. Almost. I knew I would have to act quickly, lest some other individual be drawn by its lustrous gleam of dough perfection and snatch it up before me,” Charlotte paused for dramatic effect, closing her eyes and waited a few seconds before continuing.

“It looked like happiness, if happiness had one definition, I believe it would have been this donut. I really believe that. Finally, after marveling at it from afar, I approached the counter and asked to purchase that dream-like pastry. $1.29 seemed more than a fair price for the chance to hold in my own two hands, if even for a moment, something so delightful, so pleasing and so delicious. Taking that first bite was like a religious rite in my mind. Closing my eyes, breathing in the sugary smells with a hint of strawberry, I opened my mouth and what followed I can only describe as- life changing. The texture, the sweetness, the blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah….” Charlotte’s words continued to flow from her overanimated mouth but Frankie could no longer make them out.

Nodding every so often, Frankie began scanning through her phone for a good place to grab lunch… might as well multitask while being talked at. Charlotte would go on like this forever if Frankie couldn’t find a way to distract her; that was a lesson learned early in their friendship. Looking up from her phone, Frankie nodded at something Charlotte said before her attention was drawn by a few neighborhood kids playing in a puddle up the street. Seeing this as a possible opportunity, Frankie interrupted Charlotte just as she was going into how the sprinkles represented the many different peoples in the world- united by their shared home (Frankie guessed the donut now represented earth), “Look Char, look at those kids splashing around in that puddle, isn’t that… beautiful and uh, poignant?”

Charlotte blinked a few times, as if coming out of a trance and turned to where Frankie was pointing. “Oh how wonderful,” Charlotte said dreamily watching as the kids began kicking the water in giant arcs. Relieved that she had successfully diverted Charlotte’s attention, Frankie was about to suggest they go grab lunch when Charlotte abruptly continued her thought, “It reminds me of all that is right in this world, like my donut”.


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Have you ever become so fixated on something you can’t help but talk about it or bring it up over and over? It’s almost like you can’t help yourself, like you’re addicted to mentioning this one thing to everyone you speak to, reverting conversations back to it, etc. I was stuck by this affliction today, and the subject of my obsession? Donuts. Being a lover of all things sweet, especially pastries, when I saw one of the vendors at today’s career fair for my program, I almost giggled with glee. Since I was the coordinator for this event, I was required to be present throughout, meaning Sammy didn’t get to eat all day… all the while I was forced to be within mere feet of a giant box of Dunkin Donuts. Finally, I couldn’t take it, I needed a donut. And not just any donut, I needed the pink one. There it sat, looking just like the donut from The Simpsons, it was all but screaming for me to eat it. Not wanting to look like a complete oinker, I devised a plan to connect with this confection. I sent a student in to fetch it for me, brilliant! Having the donut handed to me, not having to lift a finger or pay a cent for this delicious treat made it all the more enticing. And let me tell you, that was perhaps the best donut I have ever had. Ever. Om nom nom nom nom… (I have a problem).

Love & Squirrels.


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