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Day #151: Good Wreath!

The Story:

“No one told me this would be dangerous!” Dominic yelped as he rushed to immerse his scalded finger under cold water.

Kasey tried to suppress a giggle while she righted the toppled hot glue gun. Her husband could really be a baby sometimes.

Today marked the sixth “He’s So Crafty” Saturday at the Markham house and things were not going quite as Kasey had hoped when setting out on this endeavor. After losing her job as a banking executive, Kasey decided to put her time to use and start a crafting blog and web site. The plan was to design and post crafts that anyone could do, with the hope the site would become successful enough to attract sponsors and advertisers, turning the crafting venture to a profitable one. As a way to add addition interest and maybe even attract some of the male demographic, Kasey had enlisted her husband to ‘guest blog’ each week. Dominic was then tasked to find and complete a craft and then blog about his experience it, dubbing the weekly feature “He’s So Crafty”. As far as Dominic was concerned, the feature should have been called “He’s So Over It” but when Kasey put her mind to something, that was the end of it- either get on board or get lost.

This week’s “He’s So Crafty” feature was making a fall wreath out of things around the house. Dominic got as far as hot gluing his first ribbon on the grapevine wreath before burning the dickens out of his finger. Talking over his shoulder from the kitchen sink where he still held his blistering finger under the tap, Dominic told his wife that he had had enough. “I don’t want to do this, Kasey. I have no interest in crafts or writing. All I want to do is sit down for five minutes and watch football. This is your project, I’m done,” as if to punctuate the statement Dominic slammed the water off and trotted into the living room. The sound of the TV could be heard a few seconds later.

Kasey, still holding the glue gun, watched as he husband turned his back on her and left her to pick up the pieces of the abandoned wreath. Staring at the sad, bare twisted vines, Kasey felt her whole world collapsing. She had been able to hold it together for two months since losing her job, and with it many of her friends and her identity, but now looking at what her life had amounted to-  a ridiculous blog like thousands of others out there and a husband who was fed up.

“D, I’m going to bed,” Dominic looked up from the game just in time to see his wife walking away towards their bedroom. Looking at his watch and realizing it was only 8:30pm, he knew something was wrong.

“Kase, you ok?” Dominic said from the bedroom doorway to the figure of his wife buried under their comforter.

“Umm hmm,” came the muffled reply.

“You sure?” Dominic asked, worried that his wife was having some sort of breakdown or something.

“Just tired,” she said through the bedclothes without any further elaboration.

Shrugging to himself, Dominic walked back towards the living room. Cutting through the dining room where the abandoned wreath lay, Dominic gave it a passing glance before heading back to his recliner.

The next morning, Kasey slowly trudged into the kitchen and after pouring herself a cup of coffee, sat down at the table to check her email.

“Honey! Honey, you’re never going to believe this!” Kasey exclaimed as her husband entered the room.

“What is it?” Dominic asked as he sat down next to her at the table.

“Gingersnaps, the hoity totty gift shop wants to contract me to make holiday wreaths for them! They said they read my blog and saw my work and that it is just want their customers have been looking for. What I can’t figure out is what they’ve seen that makes them think that I’m the person they want for wreaths, I mean the only one I’ve even had in the house is the one you were going to do last night…” Kasey began rereading the email to make sure it was legit.

“Well, I decided to put some of you great ideas into action. You’re always talking about making paper flowers, so I went ahead and made some and slapped them on the wreath last night. Guess somebody liked it,” Dominic said a little abashedly.

Sure enough there on her blog was a beautiful fall wreath with delicate paper flowers in festive colors.


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      I made a wreath today. I’m pretty proud of it. To be honest, when I start these projects I never really have any idea what I’m doing. But I guess that’s part of the fun. I really enjoy doing these kind of crafty things, and while I don’t believe I possess the talent (or the diligence) to complete more than one project every few months, perhaps that’s a challenge I can look more into at a later date (like after I’m done with this project, for example).

My purty wreath

TWO:    I totally burned the crap out of the tip of my finger today with a hot glue gun. It hurts. A lot. I even have a little blister on it, isn’t that sweet?

Love & Squirrels.


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