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Day #137: Dr. Mario in the House

The Story:

“No, no… move it a little more to the left. Ok, now back a bit to the right. Ok, right there,” Julie tilted her head and gave the couch as scowl. “I don’t like it,” she said with almost a tear in her eye.

For the past two hours Julie and her ever-patient husband Xavier had moved and rearranged their living room furniture and had yet to settle on a pleasing set-up. Either the TV was too far away, or the couch was too big or the love seat looked like it was floating in space. Nothing seemed to look like the “put together” living room Julie was determined to make a reality.

“I thought this would be easier,” she said in a huff as she collapsed onto the sofa that was presently living in the dining room. “I could see it, you know. I could see it all in my head and it worked!” she said with frustration.

Handing his discombobulated wife a glass of ginger ale (something that always seemed to soothe her) Xavier took a look around their chaotic living room. As his eyes swept past the television console, a smile spread across his face and he said, “Come on, I have an idea”.

Pulling the love seat in front of the television, Xavier motioned for Julie to take a seat before walking to the hutch where they kept their videos and gaming consoles. Blowing off some dust from the original Nintendo game console Xavier had had since childhood, he quickly set it up and after the obligatory “blow” into a game cartridge inserted it into the player and pressed START.

Julie couldn’t help but laugh when she saw the screen light up and reveal the game her husband wished the two of them to play-

“Just hear me out,” Xavier said with a chuckle. “A have a theory. Maybe we’re just rusty on our Dr. Mario skills and after a few games are skills will come back and we’ll be inspired. You know, that whole life imitating art imitating life or whatever,” he said as the familiar theme song filled the house.

“This may be the most ridiculous idea you’ve ever had, honey… you are freaking awesome!” Julie laughed and picked up her controller.

The two played the game for several hours and couldn’t remember having so much fun. Playfully competitive they tried to outdo the other with doubles and triples, egging on the other with taunts and overzealous celebrations when one was victorious over the other. They were like teenagers again. Finally, though he game a good showing, Julie was triumphant and danced around the living room, jumping on the couch and jugging around end tables.

All of a sudden, in mid-jig, Julie stopped and looked around, as if a thought had just struck her. Without a word, Julie ran out of the room. Returning seconds later with a notepad and pen, she quickly began scribbling on the pad, holding up a finger to Xavier’s inquests. Then, with a look of absolute joy she leaned back, nodded at the scribble and turned to Xavier. “What about this?” She said in exaltation and she showed her husband her work.

Looking over his wife’s drawings, Xavier quickly recognized the rough layout of their living room. By some clever thinking and reworking, it appeared Julie had figured out how to position the furniture for her perfect ‘put together’ living space. The two of the got to work and quickly positioned the furniture according to Julie’s sketch. After everything was in place, they took turns sitting on each piece of furniture, adjusted a table by an inch or too and then stood back to look at their handiwork.

“I knew I married you for a reason. You’re idea worked, babe. It’s perfect,” Julie beamed happily at her husband.

Xavier looked from his wife’s smiling face back at the living room and after another brief inventory of their work said, “I guess so. Then again, I thought it was fine the way it was”.

Julie’s eyes almost bulged from her sockets and just as she was about to chew her husband a new one, she noticed his ill-concealed smile. “Oh my God! I’m going to kill you!” she shouted playfully as she sprung for him and tried to wrestle him to the ground.

Laughing as he easily batted away her attempts and finally wrapped her in a bear hug. Falling together onto the newly positioned loveseat, he asked once they had calmed down, “So, what to play another round?” and nodded his head towards the Nintendo.

“You’re on!” Julie laughed.


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      It really blows to be under the weather. It uber blows to be under the weather on a holiday weekend. Alas, I am still suffering from le stomach issue, and have therefore been resigned to spend today indoors and close the le potty. To break up the monotony a little, I decided to break out our Nintendo console and engage in my favorite game, Dr. Mario. Man, that game takes me back, reminds me of being a 5th grader and fighting my brother over who gets the 1st controller. Epic battles, let me assure you. Anywho, things were going well, (I BEAT MY HIGH SCORE!!!) when Andy had the idea to rearrange the living room so the large couch that we are always perched upon would have a better view of the TV (for our NCIS marathons, of course). So, after much consultation, and a lot of heaving we decided upon an arrangement… kind of. Let’s just say Sammy isn’t so great with sudden change, even on the living room scale. It takes me time to adjust and contemplate and having all my furniture being moved seemed to wig me out more than I expected it to (I blame it on the stomach issue). Finally, we arranged things in a way I think I can grow to be happy with… we’re taking tonight to decide.

This gal looks about how I did today... thrilled, I'm sure.

Love & Squirrels.


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