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Day #118: What Does a Wolf Like?

The Story:

What Does a Wolf Like?

“Does a wolf like pancakes?” Tilly asked with a grin.

“Only the ones that Daddy makes,” her father said and chucked her on the chin.


“Does a wolf go for rides in a car?” Tilly wondered out loud.

“As long as it’s not for very far,” her father vowed.


“Does a wolf like to listen to music?” Tilly said as she danced around the room.

“As long as it’s not that Justin Bieber kid, I doubt he’d refuse it,” her father sang as he Tangoed with the broom.


“Does a wolf wear a collar?” Tilly yelled as she hopped up and down.

“Yes; and there’s no need to holler,” her father replied (still firmly planted on the ground).


“Does a wolf like to stare at his own reflection?” Tilly said into her hand mirror.

“I think so- as long as it’s from the right direction,” her father laughed as he ‘vogued’ a little nearer.


“Does a wolf take naps?” Tilly asked through a yawn.

“Every day; on the floor, in the grass or on the couch perhaps,” her father smiled and tucked Tilly into bed along with her stuffed swan.


“Does a wolf howl at the moon?” Tilly murmured as she fell asleep.

“I guess we’ll find out soon,” her father whispered as he left his daughter to the business of counting sheep.


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Since our first day of volunteering at In Harmony With Nature Animal Sanctuary, Andy has been in serious ‘puppy love’ with one of the wolfdogs in residence there, an eight-year-old beauty named Zorro. Over the last seven months we have been slowly working with Zorro (and he with us) to explore the possibility of fostering and eventually adopting this sweet animal. Well, mark today as a milestone in that journey: the day we brought Zorro home- hopefully to stay. So far he’s doing wonderfully; he even gave Joey (my mini dachshund) a few good-natured licks. We really put him to the test right out of the gate tonight when we decided to whip up some pancakes and home fries for dinner but turns out he was more interested in checking out his reflection in the oven’s glass door then what we were doing. Yep, the four of us have settled in quite nicely on his first night, Joey sleeping next to me while I type on the couch, Andy editing a video on the floor nearby and Zorro- fast asleep on the bamboo floor, just a little ways away. The little poem above is how I imagined a little girl talking with her father the day before they bring their own wolfdog home. It includes all the activities of Zorro’s first day: the car ride home, watching us make pancakes, getting his first collar, trying to figure out what the sounds are (music) coming from Andy’s laptop, staring at his reflection in the oven door and finally, falling asleep on the floor. We’ll see if he gives a few howls at the next full moon… life is good.

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Love & Squirrels.


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  1. Zorro looks great, Teresa is a little concerned for Joey, be watchful

    • So far neither dog seems to care that the other one is there… they give each other a passing sniff and that’s about it… of course we always are one step away from them (just in case)


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