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The Story:

Now with even more carnage!

Feathers will fly this Sunday at your local bird feeder as the champion, Grey Steel, takes on new-comer bad boy Slim Jim in an epic battle for top perch.

Who will win? It’s anyone’s guess as these doves go head to head (and beak to beak) for bragging rights and all the seed they can eat.

Watch as Grey Steel enforces his spot as top ‘dove’ with his classic merry-go-round technique

Can Slim Jim finally get a leg up over Grey Steel with his newly developed ‘plop and squat’ move that has our judges scratching their head- they don’t even know if it’s legal in some states!

Expect the unexpected with wildcard- Window Pain, he may not be the brightest but once he perfects that landing, look out!

Get ready for a night full of flapping, stomping, pecking, flying, slamming, pummeling and all out mayhem at this year’s:


***No doves were hurt during the production of DOVE WARS III: X-TREME. Only professionally trained doves should attempt the moves seen in any of the Dove Wars productions. All rights reserved.


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Playing a bit of catch-up with my blogging today had me ‘perched’ on the couch for a good portion of the afternoon (still there actually). While I was typing up the last weeks’ worth of entries I noticed quite a bit of activity at the bird feeder outside of the kitchen window. Over the last few weeks (or months, I don’t remember) the feeder has been taken over by three or so Mourning Doves. These deceptively peaceful looking birds are anything but. Today I saw them fight, foot over feather for the prime position on our feeder. One in particular was especially feisty. He (or she, I have no idea how to tell the sexes apart on mourning doves) would chase any other dove around the feeder (they are walking on the rim and one is pecking at the other’s booty until it flies away). That bully is my inspiration for Grey Steel. Then there is another one who hasn’t quite worked out how to land on the feeder. He keeps flapping around, tries to land on the top of the feeder, on the window seal and has even slammed into the glass a few times, poor creature. He’s my inspiration for Window Pain. The third one is rather slim with a long neck and usually just sits on the adjacent fence, waiting for his chance to swoop in and grab some seed before Grey Steel returns. That’s Slim Jim.

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