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Day #116: You Went Where?

The Story:

Recipe:     Perfect Smokey Mountain Stew Stay

From the Kitchen of: Sam & Andy

Step One: Drive from Winter Park, FL to Sharpsburg, GA

Be Sure to avoid the terrible Pizza Hut in Tifton,  look for the Horse for Sale, and if you have the time, stop in to Skunkie Farms (if you dare)

Step Two:  Spend time with your folks and laugh a lot. Take a trip to visit with the animals at Zoo Atlanta, and finish off the day with a heaping pile of Lee’s Famous ribs

Step Three: Drive to Athens, GA

Don’t forget to stop in to the Five Star Café  and see if they have the Pineapple burger (Turkey Sausage w/pineapple relish),  on special. Order a side of their corn bread and fried green tomatoes and finish it off with Cheerwine from the tap (get a refill in their handy to-go cups)

Take a few dashes into the sweet shops & boutiques, (maybe even buy yourself a bracelet at Helix Shop, or some CDs to sample some of the local music flavor of the town (Velcro Stars may be my new favs)

Cool your heels at the visitor’s center which is also the oldest residence in the city

Step Four: Drive to Tallulah Falls, GA

Stop in at the only roadside overlook shop and grab yourself a few hot boiled p-nuts and a Cheerwine as you take in the view from the quaint back porch. Be sure to pay your respects to the Great Wallenda before saying your goodbyes

Hike the 1000+ steps to the falls for a view you’ll want to swallow and take home with you

Work off that Cheerwine and hot boiled Peanuts from the roadside overlook store as you hike your way back up… Tip: use the benches

Step Five (optional): Drive to Dillsboro, NC

If you do chose to follow this step, try the Greek restaurant, they’re very accommodating and the portions are huge

Don’t Stay at the Best Western… if you can find a campground do that instead (save your money for more Cheerwine or Saltwater Taffy)

Step Six: Drive through Pisgah National Park

Stop at any of the pull offs on 276 you could find your one private roadside waterfall. If you find one be sure to take some time to play in the water (Sam took a dip)

Take at least two dives into Looking Glass Falls

Stop in at the Trout Fishery & feed the fish

Step Seven: Drive into Brevard, NC (Transylvania Co) and cool for at least two hours- look for the white squirrel

Add one sundae or malt (your preference) at soda shop

Step Eight: Drive to Asheville, NC

Simmer to taste (this step is never quite up to snuff for me, so I usually stay the minimum amount of time)

Step Nine: Cool overnight at Swannanoa KOA (remember to cover)

Step Ten: Drive to Black Mountain, NC

Don’t forget to eat breakfast at the Oak House (best breakfast of the trip)

Visit the Goodwill for some nifty T-shirts

IMPORTANT: Do not miss Towne General Store (stock up on the best saltwater taffy ever, soap, Anit-Monkey Butt, vitamin soda… you won’t be sorry)

Step Eleven: Drive to Full Moon Farm (wolfdog sanctuary) (to taste)

Step Twelve: Continue towards Boone on Blue Ridge Parkway

Add a heaping handful of Crabtree Falls (one of the prettiest waterfalls I’ve ever seen)

If time allows, grab a bite at the little diner on the edge of town (Sliding Rock) before pitching your tent for the night at Julian Price Memorial Park Campgrounds

Step Thirteen: Drive to Boone, NC

You’ll want to marinate awhile in this lovely town. Stop in one of the hundreds of artists’ stores; find some wildflower earrings or maybe a star pendant or even a pair of awesome new shades or safety bandana

Step Fourteen: Continue north through Mountain City, TN (look for a geocache and some cool feathers on the side of the road)

Step Fifteen: Order one of the 20+ flavors of ice cream at Dots Dario… if they get your order wrong they’ll make up for it with corn dogs

Step Sixteen: Take a giant splash into the South Holston Lake, TN and soak for a while

Step Seventeen: Drive to Pigeon Forge, TN (stop for a show if that’s your speed)

Add a heaping plate of Chicken & dumplings or some pecan pie at the Old Mill Restaurant

Stew overnight at the Elkmont Campground

Step Eighteen: Drive into Gatlinburg, TN

Look for slap bracelet watch in the Old Man’s General Store (for added spice)

Step Nineteen: Continue through the Smokey Mountains south on 441 into Cherokee Reservation

Be sure to stop and cool off in one of the many pulloff areas leading to a river or brook

Add some the best Barbecue in Macon Co., NC outside Franklin, NC as you cook

Step Twenty: Drive into Atlanta

Spend a few hours in the Georgia Aquarium

Several handfuls of petting stingrays

Simmer in front of the Sea Dragon display

Rotate continuously through the underwater tunnel, be sure to include four whale sharks, three manta rays, dozens of sharks, and thousands of fish

Avoid punting the many ill-mannered children (and their parents) that crowd, push, stomp and generally impede your ability to enjoy the magical creatures around you

If punting seems imminent, visit penguin exhibit immediately

Step Twenty-one: Kept on driving alllllll the way home to Winter Park, FL

Be sure to share this recipe with any and all who are interested

Get some sleep

Yeah, we went there...


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Whew! I had such a wonderful vacation, I had to sit down and write it all out so I wouldn’t forget some of the vital parts. As I was writing it, I decided it might also be a lot of fun to map it out for everyone. I’m not much of a planner, I like to have a general idea of what I’d like to do and then just kinda make it happen as I go. Thankfully, Andy is much the same way. So when we decided to take a road trip into the mountains, we didn’t really have a set idea of what exactly that meant. We knew we would be staying with my dad for at least two nights, and then beyond that? Well, we just picked a few things we wanted to see or got some tips from people along our way and then just… drove. It was great. So relaxing, no deadlines, no itineraries… we slept wherever there was some even ground and a place to pitch a tent, we ate at the local haunts and even ‘bathed’ in the river or lake that we happened to stumble upon (no showers at the last two campsites we stayed at). All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation. As I was writing it all down, Andy made the comment that it looked like I was typing a recipe, and so… I did. Give it a try if you are ever planning a drive through the Smokey Mountains or on The Blue Ridge Parkway, you won’t be sorry.

Will someone tell me how this zipper-thingy works? I'd like to come out now...

Love & Squirrels.


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