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Day #113: “You Guys Fish?”

The Story:

“Hey, you guys fish?”


  1. Do you like to partake in the water sport of baiting and hooking fish? (Hey, you guys fish?)
  2. Do you enjoy eating a deliciously prepared meal of which fish is the featured entree? (Hey, you guys fish.)
  3. The alerting of others in your party to a location where fish have been spotted. (Hey you guys, fish!)
  4. The inquiring of a group’s possible occupation as a professional fishermen. (Hey, you guys fish?)
  5. Possibly calling someone a kind of derogatory name in front of other. (Hey! You guys (its) fish.)
  6. Making the suggestion to others to go fishing as a leisurely activity. (Hey you guys, (let’s) fish.)
  7. A derivative of the phrase “Go Fish!” used often in the basic card game of the same name. (Hey you guys, (go) fish.)
  8. Something one of the disciples might have asked Jesus and other disciples right before his performing of the miracle of the 40 Fish and 40 Loaves. (Hey you guys, (we need more) fish?)

Jesus WAS a fisherman, after all...


“Hey, you guys smoke pot?”


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Traveling down the Blue Ridge Parkway again today, Andy and I came to a trailhead leading to Crabtree Falls. After inquiring about the trail and waterfall it led to, we decided to make the 2 mile round trip trek and take a look. Finally, arriving at the falls after much toe-stubbing and stumbles down the steep, rocky and sometimes downright treacherous trail, we were rewarded with one of the most beautiful waterfalls I’ve ever seen. As per usual, there were a few other water-gazers taking in the view, including an interesting-looking pair and their two dogs. As we stood in awe of the falls and the almost too-perfect setting (seriously, it looked like it had been ripped right out of the Lord of the Rings or something) the guy from the previously mentioned pair starting signaling to Andy. Imagine the movement of reeling in a fish without actually having a rod in your hands and you’ll have an idea of what this signal looked like. Not getting an answer from Andy (who had no idea what the kid was asking) the dude eventually made his way over to us and nonchalantly asked if we had any weed. Andy awkwardly informed our new friend that we didn’t really ‘partake in that kind of stuff’ to which the guy laughed and replied, “No worries, man. I thought I’d ask, ya know… I just got a good vibe off you two, ya know? Enjoy the rest of your afternoon!”. And with that he high-tailed it back to where his female counterpart was waiting and plopped back down.

This guy REALLY likes to 'fish'

Afterwards, I asked Andy what he had said and Andy kept saying “I thought he was asking if I fish. I didn’t know what he was motioning, it looked like he was casting his line or something,” (our best guess is he was mimicking the motions of packing a bong but we’re still not sure… I’m a square, what can I say). I told him that maybe it was what the kids were calling it now, a kind of new lingo or something, “Do you smoke?” now translates to “Do you fish?”. The fishing/pot jokes went on from there, that is until we had to start the climb back up the trail and all energy was routed to not hyperventilating from out exertion (man, I’m out of shape).

Love & Squirrels.



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