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Daily Archives: August 5, 2011

Day #108: Sweet Ride, Mama

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The Story:

“I think I like that one, how much is that?” Mary pointed at the fifth picture in the catalog and looked up at the customer service representative.

Now with air-stream technology! Rides like a dream.

“Very good choice Madame, that is one of our most popular models. Let’s see here… ah yes, with taxes and liability coverage it is quite expensive,” The smug man behind the counter grinned crookedly at the petite woman who he obviously thought was out of her reaching a bit out of her price range and slid her a piece of paper with a number on it.

“Oh. That is a little more than I was hoping to spend,” Mary said with more than a hint of embarrassment tingeing her melodic voice. She began flipping through the catalog once more a little slower. Landing on an image she fancied, she pointed to it and asked, “What about this one? Is it available?”

Stick shift for extra power!

“Ah, another excellent choice. Let me just take a look at our books, and that little number will still be quite a bit of money with taxes and of course the liability coverage. I believe we do a silver model available… that is if you are interested,” the customer service rep tilted his head and waited for Mary’s response.

“I see. What about this one?” She asked pointing a little lower in the catalog.

Powerful and comfortable ride.

This tete-a-tete went on another few rounds until Mary pointed at the last picture in the catalog and said wearily, “I’ll take this one, however much it is.” All she wanted was to get to her destination, find the nearest thing to a bed and collapse in a heap.

“Very good Madame. I’ll arrange it right away,” the smug man was looking less smug and more indignant after the hour  he had reluctantly spent attempting to find this small bothersome girl a mode of transportation that met her liking.

Mary blinked her eyes several times in disbelief as she was presented her ride for the journey ahead. How was she to ever make it in such a beastly manner? She might have been better off just walking! Sighing in defeat, Mary shrugged her shoulders and resolved to just accept her lot and make the best of it (even if she did feel a bit like an ass) Next time, she’d leave arranging the transportation to Joseph.

My ass hurts...


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Today, I rented my first car. Yes, yes I know… I am growing up right before your eyes. Tonight is the eve of a much awaited and anticipated vacation for the boyfriend and I. Since his car is kaput (see here for the deets) and my car can barely make it on the highway, we decided to invest in a trustworthy mode of transport and rented a vehicle for our journey. Don’t you love how when you confirm something with one representative, are given a price and even the kind of car you can expect to be driving and then at the moment of truth another representative (from the same company, mind you) seems completely ignorant of the quoted price or car and you end up with… a Chevy HHR. Oh well, could be worse I suppose. Who cares, I’m going on VACATION!!!

It's kinda cute... right?

Speaking of which….

I plan on being on the road for the next week so my daily blogs may be a bit infrequent for that time period. Fear not! I will continue to write every day and will upload my adventures just as soon as technology presents itself. So hang in there, friends!

Love & Squirrels.