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Day #107: She Nose How to Laugh

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The Story:

To the Parents of Teenagers and Young Adults:

Have you noticed your child sniffing, or wiping at their nose with a noticeably increased frequency?

Does your teen seem less inclined to eat the food on his plate but seems to be consuming more and more liquids?

Has your daughter or son taken up a curious interest in the varieties of fruit juices your supermarket or drug store offer?

Have you found mysterious wet stains in the bedding or on the carpeting in your teenager’s bedroom?

Have you seen or found around your home a strange looking device, much like a mouth-guard with a small plastic tube extending from one end?

Has your son or daughter ever behaved abnormally or asked repeatedly for an Arizona White Tea Blueberry drink?

Have you ever overheard your son or daughter use the term “New spew” or “NL-ing”?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then your teenager may be experimenting with a new hallucinogen-inducing activity popular with young adults commonly referred to as, “Laughing Juice” or simply as “Snicker”.

The term “Snicker” refers to a euphoric ‘high’ attained when a person reflexively ejects a liquid from the nostrils as a result of the liquid entering the bronchial tube instead of the intended esophagus. In normal conditions, this behavior can sometimes be the result of laughing while drinking or eating. This typically benign reaction has now been harnessed by individuals wishing to manufacture a temporary ‘high’ using a device that forces ingested liquid into the bronchial tube and then expelled through the nasal cavity.

Attracted by what is viewed to be a ‘legal high’, teenagers are engaging in this activity at alarming rates. 1 out of every 5 teenager in the U.S.A. has experimented with “Laughing Juice”, aka “Snicker” at least once in the last year. Users experiment with different juices and flavored beverages, claiming to receive different levels of euphoria with different products. Teenagers who “Snicker” with a hard-to-find beverage is the newest way to obtain a high social status amongst peers (the highly esteemed Arizona White Tea Blueberry drink ranks as one of the highest in these circles).

While users deny any detrimental or negative long-term side effects from “Snickering”, preliminary studies have shown startling consequences of frequent use including: deterioration of the nasal septum, increased cavities and gum disease, eroding of the bronchial lining, severe weight loss, depression, and even suicidal tendencies.

There is a need for more information to be gathered for conclusive data, but parents are being cautioned to talk to their children now about the dangers of “Snickering”.

“Snicker” is a real problem, with real consequences. Don’t let you teen be sucked in and spewed out by this dangerous new trend.



The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      For the second day in a row, I have been brought to the point of uncontrollable and unexpected laughter while taking a swallow of some sort of beverage. During the first incident I was, thankfully, able to control my reaction before spraying my green tea all over the poor unsuspecting patron eating at the table next to me. The second time? Yeah… not so much. On the drive home from my mom’s birthday dinner tonight (Happy B’day Mom!) Andy and I were chattering away about something (to be honest, I think it was about passing gas… unfortunately not an unusal topic for us) and just as I took a large swallow of my drink he said something especially witty that caught me off-guard and PHTAWTH! Liquid spewed with impressive force from my unsuspecting nostrils. Oh how it burned! Oh how the punches kept coming as I sputtered and coughed the dregs of that large gulp out of my system. But man… was it funny. I felt like I was five years old again. That feeling of abandon that came with the realization that I just laughed so hard tea came out of my nose was pretty neat, if not a lot gross. I almost want to do it again (oh no… I hope I’m not hooked!?!? Mama needs a fix!)

TWO:    The beverage being consumed at the time of this monumental laugh/cough/nose-spew was a unique blend of white tea and blueberry from Arizona Tea. It was quite refreshing and delicious… until it was coming out of my nose, that is.

Better out than in? Not so much...

Love & Squirrels.


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