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Day #98: Now You See It, Now You Don’t

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The Story:

“You seriously didn’t see it?” Tobias looked practically flabbergasted by his friend’s admission.

“I seriously didn’t see it. I don’t know what you are making such a big deal about. I’m not totally convinced you aren’t making it up anyway, just to mess with me,” Joel replied a little curtly.

“I swear to God, dude. It was right there,” Tobias pointed to a section of the parking lot only about 20 feet away from where they stood. About half an hour prior, the entire lot had been full of spectators, all there to watch the model plane expo that had come to town for the weekend. As the two boys watched the final aerial display, Tobias happened to glance away from the action taking place in the sky for a second and when he did he saw something that he would never forget.

He still had trouble believing what he had seen, but he knew that it wasn’t a figment of his imagination. It had been there. No one else, including his friend Joel, seemed to notice which made the sight all the more unbelievable. Add to that the fact that it had been there the entire time of the expo, and Tobias’ head was spinning.

Years later, Tobias’ group of friends was still giving him a hard time about what he claimed to have seen that day. Despite the good-natured, if not constant ribbing at his expense, Tobias never relented and stood behind what he knew he saw (only when he was alone would he begin to second guess himself, terrified that for years he had been wrong).

Joel was the worst about it, and never let his friend forget how crazed he had been that day. While Joel, Tobias and a few of their buddies shared a bucket of beers at their local watering hole, Joel started in on Tobias again. Just as he was getting into the full swing of it, he noticed that the other guys had stopped laughing and were staring intently at the television screen behind Joel. Wondering what had his buddies so stupefied; Joel spun around in the booth and looked up at the screen and dropped the bottle he had been bringing up to his mouth for a swig.

No one at the table reacted to the shattering glass, all were transfixed by the image now being displayed behind a pretty blonde news anchor.


The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      In my usual state of astuteness, I wondered around my house today and after several hours noticed things were…missing. Turns out Andy needed some things to dress one of the movie sets they were shooting today at the last minute and raided the house for anything he could find. While I noticed a few things out of place immediately, a cabinet in the bathroom gone from the corner for example, other things were not quite as obvious to me, but they should have been. Have you ever gone to turn on a light only realizing that it is not there as you reach out your hand? Ever done that twice (two different lamps)? Ever stared at the corner of a room and not realize something that has been there for years is… not? Yeah. Master of observation, at your service.  I started to laugh at myself after several more attempts to find or use something that I was sure was there only to realize, with some surprise, that it is not. I think I might need to get some sleep…

Love & Squirrels.



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  1. get some sleep, when you coming up?


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