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Day #60: Put it in Park

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The Story:

“Geez, the price has gone up again,” Bethany groaned. “What do you think, guys?” She looked back at the rest of the group for a consensus. “Well, we’re already here…” Robert trailed off. “And we’ve driven so far…” Anne picked up. “Let’s just shell out the extra dough, I’ve been looking forward to this all week,” Derek chimed in. “Alright, works for me,” Bethany turned back to the ticket-taker and paid the fare.

“Ok, everyone… here we go!” Bethany shouted over her shoulder as the group creeped up the incline. “Ugh… this is the worst part!” Anne complained a little timidly. Their car clicked up slowly… click… click… click… and then whoosh! around the first curve. Seconds later they were rushing around the second curve, a tight one that slammed the group against the metal framing of the car. “Who’s driving this thing!” Robert laughed as they took another curve, this time a little slower. Then, as if out of nowhere another car shot into their path and was heading right for them. “Oh my God!” Anne screamed and at the last second the tracks of the two cars sent them careening off in opposite directions, seemingly missing each other by a few inches. “I think they are making these things scarier,” Derek said as he wiped the sweat from his brow. Going up another incline, Robert looked out and saw sky rise office building windows twinkling in the night air. “Man, we are up here!” he said with a hint of fear he’d never admit to.


“How much higher can this thing go?” Bethany wondered. “Finally,” Robert said as the horizon leveled off in front of them. The anticipation for the ride’s climax was almost palpable.

“Ooo! There’s a spot!” Anne gleefully said pointing in front of her. Bethany parked her car in the compact space on Level 6 (Green Level) and they all piled out. “OK, now that we’ve got the car parked, let’s go downtown!” Bethany smiled and the group all headed towards the elevator of the Plaza Parking Garage.


Ohhhh... so this is who designs these things.



The Not So Fantastic Reality:

The above story was inspired by the following tidbits I encountered today:

ONE:      Since our evening plans were a wash, due to some inclement weather brewing in the Orlando area, Andy and I decided to take in a movie this fine summer’s eve. Not wanting to wait until the 9:50 showing, we made a mad dash to the relatively new theater downtown, a theater I had yet to patronize. We made it in record time and sat down just in time for the second-to-last preview. The movie, Super 8, was excellent (highly recommend you see it) and the theater itself was quite impressive (lots of leg room). But, as with any venue downtown, parking was a whole other story. While the theater does validate, saving me from spending ungodly amounts of cash, getting in and out of the parking structure was quite an adventure. This parking garage has got to be one of the tightest garages I’ve ever been in, you truly feel as if you are on a rollercoaster or carnival ride of some sort. You go straight up (or what seems like it’s straight up) and then wind around these narrow little passage ways, painted gaudy colors to help you remember where you are. Finally, after a few more turns and inclines, you arrive at a level high up amongst the stars, where you can leave you vehicle. The ride down was almost twice as fun… the curves should be called “Dead Man’s Curve” or more appropriately “You’re-going-to-need-a-new-bumper-or-paintjob-after-this Curve”. Navigating this complex sober was an exercise in attentiveness, I cannot imagine how those sorry soles who may have been a little deep in their cups manage to get out of there in one piece… perhaps they don’t. Oooo… sounds like a good movie…


Dang it... looks like someone beat me to the punch. Looks like a real winner too. Oh well.

Love & Squirrels.



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